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For women who struggle with larger than normal breasts, the phrase “less is more” certainly applies in this case. Physical pain and emotional discomfort are common concerns for women whose breasts are disproportionately large considering the rest of her body. Dr. Leipziger has seen the incredibly life-changing benefits that a customized breast reduction can have for women dealing with these issues, while also providing them with a well-balanced silhouette that complements their natural figure.

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is performed to reduce the size of overly large breasts and create a smaller, well-balanced breast shape. By carefully removing excess breast skin and tissue, Dr. Leipziger is able to reduce the size of the breasts while additionally lifting them to a more natural and youthful position.

In addition to creating a more balanced appearance, breast reduction surgery can help to alleviate concerns with:

  • Physical pain caused by overly large or heavy breasts (such as neck, back, or shoulder pain)
  • Difficulty finding properly fitting clothing
  • Poor or improper posture which can lead to more serious back or spine issues
  • Self-consciousness or embarrassment associated with a larger breast size
  • Inability to comfortably exercise due to excess movement or weight of larger breasts

Any woman forced to deal with these issues knows all-too-well that bigger is not always better. Breast reduction is a personal choice that can bring with it a lot of comfort and relief – not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Designing Your Breast Reduction

“It takes a lot of artistry to create a truly extraordinary outcome,” says Dr. Leipziger.

This is especially true when performing a breast reduction. Dr. Leipziger understands the critical balance of reducing the size of the breasts while maintaining a natural and symmetrical appearance that better complements each woman’s unique body contour. He takes the additional time that is necessary with each patient to fully understand her unique goals and design a surgery plan to achieve the desired size, shape, and projection of the breasts.

Your breast reduction will consist of a customized combination of the following surgical steps:

  • A reduction of excess breast skin and tissue to create a smaller, well-balanced breast shape and contour
  • Elevation of the breasts to a more youthful position
  • Correction of an enlarged or elongated appearance of the areola and or nipples

During your breast reduction consultation at our Great Neck or Manhattan, New York practice, Dr. Leipziger will discuss all your different options, including incision types, and answer any questions you may have regarding surgery. He will be able to make recommendations based on your goal outcome and your existing body shape and proportions.

Dr. Leipziger meeting with a patient for breast enhancement

Patient Before & Afters

Dr. Leipziger greatly values the privacy of his patients. He would love to share his breast reduction patient before and after gallery with you during a private consultation. Please give our office a call to schedule your visit with Dr. Leipziger today.

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3 Things to Know Before Your Breast Reduction with Dr. Leipziger

1) Your breast reduction may be partially covered by insurance. If you are experiencing physical pain that prevents you from comfortably performing ordinary functions such as exercise, health insurance may cover a portion of your breast reduction surgery.

2) Be ready to take one week off work for recovery. It is important to give yourself enough time to relax and heal from surgery in order to avoid any unnecessary complications.

3) Have a family member or friend ready to drive you home from surgery. While an overnight stay at the hospital is not necessary, your breast reduction will be performed under general anesthesia, so it is important you have someone ready to drive you home once your procedure is complete.

3 Things to Know About Breast Reduction Recovery

1) Once your breast reduction surgery is complete, Dr. Leipziger will place bandages and a surgical bra over your breasts in order to assist with proper healing. He will provide you with detailed care instructions, including how long you will need to wear your surgical bra.

2) You will need to avoid lifting and other exercise or activities that require excessive movement, stretching, or bending. Dr. Leipziger will review pertinent post-operative instructions to insure your best outcome.

3) The benefits of your breast reduction will be immediately noticeable. You will experience the lightness of your newly reduced breasts right after surgery. As your body continues to heal, you will notice significant improvement of the physical pain and discomfort previously caused by the larger size of your breasts.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to give our office a call should you have any questions during your recovery period. Dr. Leipziger will provide you with detailed instructions for your breast reduction aftercare and will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and ensure your best possible outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Leipziger for Your Breast Reduction

Dr. Leipziger has more than 25 years of experience providing patients with beautifully natural outcomes. He is a national award-winning plastic surgeon and recognized in many national publications including New York Magazine’s Best Doctors with a reputation for excellence and artistry in each procedure he performs.

Dr. Leipziger approaches breast reduction surgery with an artistic eye and advanced surgical techniques designed to provide patients with the most natural-looking outcomes. He strives to achieve symmetrical breasts that are harmoniously balanced to each woman’s unique feminine curves, making life’s everyday tasks – from exercise to shopping for clothing – a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

If you are wanting to discuss your own breast reduction goals, or simply are curious to learn more, please call our Great Neck office at 516-465-8787 or, our Manhattan office at 212-249- 4500. Dr. Lyle Leipziger is a board-certified plastic surgeon proudly providing upscale plastic surgery experiences to women and men in the Great Neck and Manhattan areas of New York.

Dr. Leipziger, Plastic Surgeon, at his Manhattan office

“I never leave the operating room until I am 100% satisfied.” – Dr. Leipziger

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