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Facelift – Rhytidectomy

Among cosmetic surgeries, facelifts provide some of the most dramatic results. Instead of continuous maintenance on several areas of your face, a facelift is a comprehensive approach that will reduce wrinkles, correct sag, and help eliminate fatty deposits. Also known as a Rhytidectomy, a facelift can make you appear ten to fifteen years younger, and can last for ten or more years. As with any cosmetic surgery, knowing what the procedure entails, what results to expect, and having realistic expectations of what the surgery can do for you are essential.

Good candidates for facelifts are those who are in good general health, have a positive attitude, and have realistic expectations. Many signs of aging can be minimized or corrected by a facelift. Sagging skin along your jawline or mid-face, lines extending from your mouth corners to your chin, deep nasolabial folds, creased and sagging skin on your neck, or displaced facial fat can all be corrected through a facelift procedure. Other areas that can be mitigated by this surgery are double chins and under eye folds Facelifts can also alleviate the appearance of jowls along the jawline caused by loss of muscle tone.

There are several different varieties of facelifts available. Based upon your desired results, your surgeon will recommend the procedure best suited to you. Be sure to discuss any concerns or questions you have with the doctor so your experience can be tailored to your needs. Some versions are more or less invasive than others, some have shorter recovery times, and some have more or less dramatic results. All of these factors must be taken into consideration prior to your surgery.

All facial lifts share a few elements. Facelifts involve an incision around the ear which allows the surgeon to mobilize, reposition, and fix the skin in the desired position. These incisions generally heal into nearly invisible scars which be easily hidden within your hairline. For the week following surgery you will not be able to drive. Initial recovery takes about two to six weeks. After your initial recovery you will be able to slowly resume your normal activities, but you should expect to wait at least six months for your facelift to heal completely.

If you still feel young but have started wondering who that person in the mirror is, a facelift may be a good option for you. So look into your options, gather information, and consult an experienced surgeon. If you are looking for amazing results from just one procedure, a facelift may very well be a perfect way for you to reclaim fifteen years.

900 Northern Boulevard, Suite 130
Great Neck, New York 11021